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Firestorm has a handful of original characters in various roles. Below are a couple of tables of these and a couple of notes about why and when I've used original characters, for them as enjoy such neepery.

Warning! The below contains spoilers.

Varia Characters by Squad
First Squad Second Squad Third Squad Fourth Squad Fifth Squad Sixth Squad Miscellaneous
Lussuria (L)
Mammon (L)
Sera(fina) (L) Cavilo (L)
Levi (L)
Calla (L) Misc.
Bastone (medic)

Cavilo, Sera, and Calla are all expies (TVTropes: Expy - warning, link goes to TVTropes!) of characters from other sources. Cavilo is lifted wholesale from Lois McMaster Bujold's The Vor Game, since she seemed to be more than suited to life as a psychopathic mafia assassin. Sera and Calla are both from anime/manga sources. Sera is better known as Bleach's Yoruichi, while Calla is based off the really rather feral Anthy Himemiya from the movie Adolescence of Utena.

Cavilo gets tagged to be Xanxus' Storm in lieu of the canonical Belphegor for a couple of reasons. The first is that, while I'm playing fairly fast and loose with the timeline, Bel is only about 11 at the oldest during this fic. Whereas Sawada Iemitsu may have no qualms about signing up five-year-olds to be guardians, I do. Second, within the world of the fic, Cavilo makes for an interesting contrast to Xanxus, and a source of conflict. Third, there's a real dearth of female characters in KHR and I like to redress that when possible.

Calla replaces the Gola Mosca because, within the universe of Firestorm, it makes no sense to have the Cloud be the Sky-fueled doom machine. That works really well within canon, but the plot arc for fem!Xanxus goes in a different direction--hence the need for a character to stand in for the Gola Mosca, and hence Calla.

And Sera becomes a potential Mist guardian because a.) Yoruichi is just that cool and b.) see above re: lack of awesome female characters. Also, it seems to me that Mammon has his own agenda, especially canon's Varia arc. This seems to be changing as we enter the Arcobaleno arc, but as that's a fairly recent development, I've ignored that here.

The one other expy is the character Harper, who is, of course, Inception's Eames.

Guardians by Sky
Sky Timoteo Vongola Federico Vongola Enrico Vongola Xanxus
Rain Rafaele Martelli Giancarlo Tirotta Squalo (RH)
Mist Gianni Staffieri (RH) unnamed Matteo Salvatore (Daemon Spade) Mammon / Sera
Storm Piero Gemello Fedele Rizzo (RH) Suretti Cavilo
Lightning Paolo Gemello Sandro Bucalo Levi
Sun Michele Rizzo unnamed Capolino Lussuria
Cloud Maria Purezza Leo Feoli Calla

Obviously I'm using non-canonical guardians for Timoteo as well. These are the same guardians I've been using for other branches of Choice--generated well before canon gave us names and character designs for the Ninth's generation of guardians--and I have a fairly extensive head-canon built up for them. *shrugs* What can I say? I've grown fond of them, and I have trouble taking a series of guardians named after desserts seriously.

The astute reader may have noticed that Daemon Spade goes down a lot more easily here than in his battle against Tsuna and Enma. My logic for that, such as it is, is that in his battle with Tsuna and Enma, he'd managed to accumulate about ten different types of Flame, plus ten pieces of overpowered, Flame-specific weaponry. In Firestorm, he has not had that luxury and is not as dangerous a final boss as he is for Tsuna Enma.

Well, that's my story, anyway, and I'm sticking to it. ^_~


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