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2017-08-11 01:16 pm

[fic] VLD - Drink to That

Title: Drink to That
Characters/Pairings: Shiro/Keith/Lance
Summary: It's always been clear that Shiro and Keith are close, but Lance hadn't realized they were this close.
Notes: Adult for smut; not compliant with season three. Illustrations by keithhawke.

Lance had asked about it once during that awful period when Shiro had been missing and Team Voltron had been falling apart at the seams: 'So… you and Shiro. You two go back, huh?' )

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2017-08-06 08:16 pm

[fic] DDaDDS: You Have One Invitation

Title: You Have One Invitation
Characters/Pairings: Dadsona, the other dads
Summary: Sometimes there's comfort in numbers.
Notes: I had a lot of feelings about the Joseph route. Like, a lot of feelings. Second person pov, 1596 words.

So this is how you find out that you can have groups on DadBook: you meet up with Craig the morning after Amanda's party (ugh, mornings), he takes a look at you, and says, 'Bro,' with the same kind of sympathy he'd had after things with you and Sam had gone south back in school. )
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2017-01-29 06:20 pm

[fic] VLD - The Games We Play

Title: The Games We Play
Characters/Pairings: Keith/Lance
Summary: Lance likes games.
Notes: Smut with bondage. I'm not saying that the VLD writers are definitely portraying Lance as a kinkster, but I'm not not saying it, either. 3247 words.

Through a lot of trial and error, this is what Keith has learned: the more random and casual Lance is being, the closer Keith needs to be listening, because it means Lance is trying to tell him something important. )
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2016-10-23 06:50 pm

[fic] VLD - Dealer's Choice

Title: Dealer's Choice
Characters/Pairings: Keith/Lance/Shiro
Summary: Matt has a plan to get Shiro laid; Shiro has a lot of misgivings about this.
Notes: Mundane AU kind of a thing, because I wanted a thing where Lance and Keith take Shiro home from a club and bang him like a drum. Smut, the barest trappings of plot, Shiro's body issues, pancake-waffle discourse, and Shiro bottoming like a champ (hah!). 6277 words.

Matt grabs Shiro's real hand and hauls him forward, ignoring all the laws of physics regarding inertia, relative mass, and force that say he shouldn't be able to budge Shiro. But then, physics really can't account for a Holt who's got the bit between his teeth, so Shiro ends up paying the cover and following Matt inside the club in spite of all his misgivings. If nothing else, he'll get the chance to tell Matt how wrong he is, and that is not an opportunity to be missed. )
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2016-09-25 04:01 pm

[fic] VLD - A Friend in Need

Title: A Friend in Need
Characters/Pairings: Shiro/Lance
Summary: Just because an alpha can go through rut alone doesn't mean he should.
Notes: Filthy, filthy a/b/o porn. Somewhat dubious consent (Shiro's not precisely in his right mind at the moment) and so much filthy smut. 4250 words.

'Okay.' Lance's palms were sweaty with what he was about to say. He was about to break so many rules. 'Cards on the table, guys. We got any omegas sitting here?' )
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2016-09-05 03:25 pm

[fic] VLD - Push

Title: Push
Characters/Pairings: Shiro/Lance
Summary: They say no plan survives contact with the enemy; Shiro probably needs to keep that one in mind.
Notes: Adult for smut; no plot here to speak of. 1775 words.

Lance pushes everything, like he can't help himself. In retrospect, Shiro has no idea why he expected anything else from him in bed. )
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2016-08-01 06:00 pm

[fic] VLD - At Hand

Title: At Hand
Characters/Pairings: Keith and Shiro
Summary: Everyone handles it a little differently.
Notes: Charlie asked for some Keith comforting traumatized Space Dad, so here we have 1077 words of fluffy character study.

They all know the signs by now: when Shiro goes still and his gaze goes blank, he's gone somewhere else inside his head. It's never anywhere good. )
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2016-07-30 09:47 am

[fic] VLD - What You Wish For

Title: What You Wish For
Characters/Pairings: Shiro and Keith
Summary: Shiro has a pretty good idea how this is going to go… but he's not the one making the calls. Keith is.
Notes: Andrea asked for hands tied behind backs, with a side of blindfolds and maybe orgasm denial. So! Here we go with some smut featuring bondage, blindfolds, power exchanges, and no plot whatsoever. 2264 words.

Shiro doesn't know what the Garrison shrinks would have to say about this, but he can't imagine it would be very good. But on the other hand, the Garrison is half a galaxy away right now, so what the shrinks don't know can't hurt him. )
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2016-07-17 03:36 pm

[fic] KHR - The Family That Plays Together...

Title: The Family That Plays Together…
Characters/Pairings: Chrome/Gokudera, Yamamoto/Gokudera
Summary: Rule number one: Never take your eyes off the Mist.
Notes: Smut comma nothing but, to the tune of a Vongola orgy. …what? I asked for prompts on Tumblr a little while back, thirtysixsavefiles gave me Gokudera/anyone and "choice" and apparently the way that worked out in my head was Tsuna choosing not to choose.

The Tenth is the only reason it works, and that's because Tsuna doesn't know how to give up on anything. Or anyone. And when it's the Tenth asking, somehow everyone just seems to end up going along with it one way or another in the end. )
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2016-07-16 07:18 pm

[fic] VLD - Rapid Escalation

Title: Rapid Escalation
Characters/Pairings: Keith/Lance, Pidge, Hunk
Summary: Pidge and Hunk finally give Keith a hint to explain Lance's behavior, and after that, things escalate.
Notes: The obligatory "Pidge and Hunk explain the obvious and nature takes its course" Keith and Lance fic. Some not-very-explicit smut and two very clueless boys. 3099 words.

'What the hell,' Keith says in the wake of yet another one of Lance's utterly baffling outbursts. Everything about the mission they'd just finished had gone off without a hitch; the only mistake Keith can see is that he'd told Lance they'd made a good team after the debriefing. 'What brought that on?' )
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2016-07-04 04:53 pm

[fic] KHR - Should I Fall Behind (Sugar & Spice)

Title: Should I Fall Behind
Characters/Pairings: Xanxus/Squalo
Summary: Squalo ends up taking a bullet for Xanxus. It doesn't work out quite like either of them expects it to.
Notes: Over on Tumblr, insanescriptist request Squalo and Xanxus from the Sugar & Spice 'verse. This apparently gave my id permission to write the aftermath of the fem!Xanxus version of the whole TYL Byakuran mess with the special bullets and all that fun stuff. Explicit for smut, genderswitch, Beware of Feels. 3944 words.

Squalo doesn't mean to break his promise to Xanxus, but he does it anyway and it happens like this: The meeting with the fucking Caraceni turns out to be a set-up, one with the sole purpose of getting the Vongola Tenth out in the open where the fucking Millefiore can get a shot at her. )
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2015-09-10 08:09 pm

[fic] DnA - Surfeit

Title: Surfeit
Characters/Pairings: Chris/Miyuki
Summary: Miyuki gets what he asked for, and then some.
Notes: 3858 words. Adult for smut. Who needs plot, anyway? Bondage, sensory deprivation, overstimulation.

The last thing Chris says is actually a question, shaped against Kazuya's mouth. 'Any second thoughts?' )
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2015-06-29 04:59 pm

[fic] DnA - Solve for X

Title: Solve for X
Characters/Pairings: Chris/Miyuki
Summary: There's no amount of algebra that can save Miyuki from embarrassment now.
Notes: 5604 words. Adult for smut. This is the fic that required me to dredge up stuff I learned in high school *cough* years ago. My Algebra II teacher would be so appalled.

So this was awkward. Kazuya had assumed that he'd worked so late that he'd have the bath to himself, but it appeared that he'd misjudged that just a bit. )