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The stories hosted on this journal are derivative works of fiction. They, and I, are in no way affiliated with any of the creators of the source texts, nor their distributing companies, or anyone else who may hold rights to the source material; these stories are not authorized by the creators or the producers. This journal is a purely non-profit fan site and will not infringe on the source texts in any commercial fashion.

Some stories may contain violence, obscene language, sexual scenes, or other content considered strong or offensive. These stories will be labeled accordingly. It is the reader's responsibility to avoid material that they may find offensive, or may be illegal in their locale.


Podfic, remixes, translations, and other extensions of my fic: You don't need to ask for my permission if you'd like to record a podfic of my stuff, do a remix, translate something, do fanart, write prequels/sequels, or otherwise play in my creative sandbox. I'd love to know about it, though, if you do, and I'd really appreciate it if you linked back to the original and/or my journal archive.
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