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Title: That For Which You Do Not Yearn
Characters/Pairings: Midorima and Takao, Imayoshi, and others
Summary: The first rule of the oldest profession is not to get attached to the clients. Takao probably should have paid attention to it.
Notes: Adult for smut. Over on Tumblr, [ profile] nana-aniki requested virgin!Midorima and hooker!Takao, and, well… into every fangirl's life a hooker AU must eventually fall. Which is to say that this is set in the same universe as Rough Trade. If you're looking for a thoughtful, sensitive treatment of sex work, you should go read I'll wait for you where the chrysanthemums bloom. (You should go read that one anyway, it's gorgeous and heart-hurty and perfect.) If you're just here for the id-fic, then read on. 50985 words.

It's a slow night when the guy comes in for the first time. )
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Title: Firestorm
Characters/Pairings: Fem!Xanxus/Squalo; Timoteo Vongola, Federico Vongola, Enrico Vongola, Lussuria, Levi, Mammon, Sawada Iemitsu, and Yamamoto Tsuyoshi
Summary: They had been sleeping up at the main house off and on, leaving the sheets of Xanxus' bed a mess and staring her family down over breakfast afterwards, for a good six months before anyone said anything about it.
Notes: Adult for smut and explicit violence. Part of Sugar and Spice [Index]. Genderswitch, drama, angst, original characters, and mafia politics; see the notes post for additional notes on characters. 50558 words.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Coda

After about a month of attending family dinners with Xanxus, Squalo couldn't keep his mouth shut any longer. 'Boss,' he said, once they were home again, safely within the walls of her rooms where the wrong ears weren't going to hear him. 'You think I can get away with killing Enrico?' )


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