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Title: Like Mr. and Mrs. Smith (But Totally Not)
Characters/Pairings: Aomine/Kuroko, Momoi, Kagami, Alex, Imayoshi, Susa, Wakamatsu, Sakurai
Summary: The one where Aomine's a hitman and Momoi's his handler and Kuroko is his target, and y'see, that's where it all gets kinda complicated...
Notes: You know that movie with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Kinda like that. But not. Hitman AU; adult for guns, smut, violence, and Em indulging the hell out of herself. 27,989 words.

'This one will be easy, you said. Practically a cakewalk, you said. No problems at all, you said. Hah!' Satsuki jammed a fresh clip into her Beretta, took a breath, and then threw herself around the corner, firing steadily to cover her retreat. )
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Title: Subcontractor
Characters: Kagami, Riko, Kuroko
Summary: In which Riko delegates a certain delicate task to someone whose skillsets are better suited to executing it.
Notes: General audiences. Valentine's Day fluff. 1810 words.

If you ever tell anyone about this conversation, I will quadruple your training. )
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Title: Can't Hold On, Can't Let Go
Characters: Aomine, Momoi, Kuroko, Imayoshi, Kagami, Kise, Akashi
Summary: This is the one where Aomine is the one who has to find a way to reach Kuroko and persuade him that basketball can be fun, instead of vice versa.
Notes: General audiences. No pairings here, but in my head, this is totally AoKuro pre-slash. Title adapted from Cloud Cult's song "Best Friend." 43,647 words.

A while back, I solicited drabble prompts over on Tumblr. This fic comes from a prompt from [ profile] skyfireflies asking to see to see what would have happened if Kuroko had gone to Touou with Aomine and Momoi. As I said then, it was the kind of thing that I couldn't imagine having happened without a couple of things changing... and that it was the kind of thing that really needed to be more than a drabble. Yep, I was right.

My thanks to Branch and Andrea and Traci for reading the draft of this beast as I was putting it together and for cheerleading and providing feedback as I worked. It would not be the fic it is without them.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five

Satsuki must have known—Satsuki always knew everything, it was what she did—but Daiki had been in high school for a solid two weeks before he realized that Tetsu was at Touou, too. He found out by accident, when he rounded a corner too fast and slammed right into someone and knocked him down. Daiki was complaining and apologizing and reaching a hand down to pull the guy up before it sank in that that was Tetsu's face over the school blazer and tie, Tetsu's flat expression gazing back at him. )
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Title: Kagami and Aomine's Excellent Adventure
Characters/Pairings: Kagami, Aomine, and special guest stars; Aomine/Kuroko, Kagami/Momoi
Summary: How Kagami and Aomine crossed the continental U.S. and learned to be bros.
Notes: The first feature-length fic collaboration between [personal profile] lysapadin and [personal profile] andreaphobia! Absolute crack, inspired by this picture. A couple days ago that picture floated through the KnB tag on Tumblr, Andrea and I got to talking about Kagami and Aomine and roadtrip antics and how much fun that would be, and, well. We both lost our heads a little bit. 17,698 words of wacky hijinks and cotton-candy fluff (but 'ware the hidden razorblades).

The problem was, when they put together the team for the Global Cup, the coaches (in their infinite wisdom) left Kuroko off the roster. This was the first mistake. )
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Title: Bird on a Wire
Characters/Pairings: Aomine/Kuroko; Kuroko/Kagami; Aomine/Kise; Momoi Satsuki; Midorima Shintarou; Murasakibara Atsushi
Summary: Aomine's very bad day, and what happened after. Or, it takes a village to raise Aomine.
Notes: Alternate careers AU; adult for smut; pining and bittersweetness. 41,169 words.

This fic has its own theme song, "Bird on a Wire," which is also the source of the epigraph and (obviously) the title.

With deepest appreciation for [personal profile] branchandroot, who always helps me untangle the thorniest plot tangles, and [personal profile] andreaphobia, whose unrelenting enthusiasm for this fic made it particularly easy to keep up the writing momentum.

Additional pertinent information: #terrible things I have done to Aomine #beware of Feels #Aomine logic is not earth logic #Aomine needs therapy #I like to hurt the ones I love #I love Aomine an awful lot #Kise too #but trust me anyway #I know what I'm doing #I promise #besides #Kagami is a pure-hearted shounen hero

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five

'What the fuck,' Daiki said, blank with shock, and so the first thing Tetsu said to him after five years was 'I'm sorry, but please don't use language like that on school grounds.' )


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