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In which there are vampires and hunters and watchers and humans, Yamamoto Takeshi is more than a little bit crazy, and Gokudera Hayato is caught in between a whole bunch of loyalties and duties.

Bloodsport: Gokudera knows that this can't possibly end well.

Blood Debt: Squalo is going to owe him for this.

Under Cover of Darkness: The last memories of the man are of these things: agony and defeat.

Nail in My Hand: It's going to take him a while to put himself back together.

Rules of Conduct: It's time Yamamoto began to learn the rules.

Best Served Cold: Squalo contemplates the vengeance he's planning.

Stillness in a Curl of Steam: Hibari contemplates the mess that is his fledgling.

The Death Instinct: The next day, Hibari left to hunt alone.

Truth Be Told: Dealing with Hibari and Yamamoto requires a great deal of forbearance; it's a good thing Tsuna knows how to be patient.

Happily Ever After: A series of linked shorts that follows Gokudera, Yamamoto and Tsuna after the end.
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Title: Bloodsport
Characters: Gokudera, Yamamoto, Ryouhei, Shamal, Tsuna, Hibari, Lambo, Squalo
Summary: Gokudera knows that this can't possibly end well.
Warnings: AU with vampires; angst, violence, fangsex, death. No pairings but plenty of subtext. 27,707 words.
Notes: Once upon a time, [profile] readerofasaph posted the beginnings of a fic about Yamamoto hunting vampires and running around all bloody, and asked someone else to take it off her hands. I flailed at her excitedly in the comments, because it was a shiny premise and I wanted more. After a quick exchange, I posted a brief snippet for her, with the caveat that "mind you, i have no idea what the context of this is, so. this is probably all you're getting."

Those were, shall we say, famous last words.

We exchanged several world-building sorts of comments, then we both got busy and distracted, and the whole thing fell dormant for a few weeks... until [profile] readerofasaph's birthday, where she inquired, hopefully, about a continuation to the vampire fic. Her request was felicitously timed, the stars were right, and over the course of about two weeks, I churned out something like twenty-five thousand words to build on what [profile] readerofasaph had started, while she and [personal profile] branchandroot cheered me on and helped me plot and world-build and contributed bits and pieces when I got stuck. This is the end result of that: we hope very much that you enjoy it!

The summer after his father's death, Yamamoto Takeshi started baiting vampires. It was a trendy game that year, a little fringe but with that tinge of the romantic, and not a few cool kids were getting into it. So far nobody at their school had died, which Gokudera Hayato thought was a great pity. )


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