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This post contains information regarding the characters appearing in the Generations project. It includes spoilers for the stories which A House Divided, They Also Serve, and Carnivale comprise.

Timoteo's Guardians

Storm: Piero Gemello

Lightning: Paolo Gemello

Sun: Michele Rizzo

Rain: Rafaele Martelli

Cloud: Maria Purezza

Mist: Gianni Staffieri; also Timoteo's right hand

Other Characters in A House Divided

Daniela Vongola, the Eighth boss of the Vongola, Timoteo's mother

Taddeo Bergonzi, her right hand

Cesare Passerini, her outside advisor

Gabriella Vongola, née Cavallone, Timoteo's wife; died in her late thirties, of cancer

Enrico Vongola, Timoteo's oldest son

Massimo Vongola, Timoteo's middle son

Federico Vongola, Timoteo's youngest son; canonically the one favored most to be Tenth

Bianca Castelli, Xanxus' mother

Fedele Rizzo, Michele's oldest son; Federico's closest friend and his right hand; Storm attribute

Guiseppe Taccone; the outside advisor who preceded Iemitsu

Characters in They Also Serve

Antonio; dressmaker and gossip clearinghouse

Adele; hairdresser and gossip clearinghouse

Caterina Modigliani; wife of Vincentio Modigliani

Vincentio Modigliani (né Bolzoni); born a Bolzoni and married Caterina; assumed control of the family upon the deaths of Enrico and Massimo Modigliani

Enrico Modigliani; previous family boss

Massimo Modigliani; Caterina's older brother - would have inherited, save for his untimely death

The Vongola Eleventh Generation


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