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The branch of Choice in which Xanxus is the Ninth's (adopted) daughter and Squalo is her devoted right hand. Genderswap, kink, D/s games, and bondage, plus politics.

Sugar and Spice: In which meeting the boss's daughter changes Squalo's life.

Under the Sky: Xanxus doesn't like the way most mafia men drool, but she does like the way Squalo approaches her.

Demanding: What Xanxus wants, Xanxus gets.

Like Chile on the Tongue: Xanxus likes being on top.

A Love for Living Dangerously: Squalo is Xanxus' man, which means he'll let her do whatever she wants with him.

Vantage Point: There are far worse ways to die than this.

And Body and Soul: In which Xanxus moves the goalposts on Squalo, who doesn't quite understand what's going on.

Uncharted Territories: In which Federico prompts Xanxus and Squalo to examine some of their assumptions.

Shifting Grounds: Squalo thought he understood the rules, but realizes that he's going to have to relearn them; Xanxus realizes that there are things about Squalo that she's taken too much for granted and that she's got her work cut out for her.

Fine-Drawn Nuances: In which Xanxus realizes that she's going to have to use her actual words to get things between her and Squalo straightened out.

Firestorm: They had been sleeping up at the main house off and on, leaving the sheets of Xanxus' bed a mess and staring her family down over breakfast afterwards, for a good six months before anyone said anything about it.

Evening Dress: Part of being the Ninth's heir is attending to the Vongola's social duties; this has more benefits than Squalo had previously anticipated.

Should I Fall Behind: Squalo ends up taking a bullet for Xanxus. It doesn't work out quite like either of them expects it to.
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In which there are vampires and hunters and watchers and humans, Yamamoto Takeshi is more than a little bit crazy, and Gokudera Hayato is caught in between a whole bunch of loyalties and duties.

Bloodsport: Gokudera knows that this can't possibly end well.

Blood Debt: Squalo is going to owe him for this.

Under Cover of Darkness: The last memories of the man are of these things: agony and defeat.

Nail in My Hand: It's going to take him a while to put himself back together.

Rules of Conduct: It's time Yamamoto began to learn the rules.

Best Served Cold: Squalo contemplates the vengeance he's planning.

Stillness in a Curl of Steam: Hibari contemplates the mess that is his fledgling.

The Death Instinct: The next day, Hibari left to hunt alone.

Truth Be Told: Dealing with Hibari and Yamamoto requires a great deal of forbearance; it's a good thing Tsuna knows how to be patient.

Happily Ever After: A series of linked shorts that follows Gokudera, Yamamoto and Tsuna after the end.
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Title: Wild Justice
Characters/Pairings: Tsuna/Kyouko; Gokudera/Haru; Chrome, Mukuro, I-Pin
Summary: Most people assume that Kyouko's really nice. They're mistaken: she's simply polite. And there's a huge difference between "nice" and "polite."
Notes: Teen and up. A hugely belated fic for round four of [ profile] khrfest, prompt III-17: Kyoko – Haru is killed by a rival family, Kyouko doesn't take it lying down; "Fly away/ Take control / Beyond the edge will make you whole." Character death, angst, Kyouko being a badass. Kind of a grim AU to "They Also Serve". 8801 words.

There was no pleasure in having been proved right after all. )


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