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Title: The Cat Came Back (What Happened After)
Pairings: Yamamoto/Hibari
Summary: The bipedal life isn't all that it's cracked up to be.
Notes: In which Hibari explores the pitfalls and perquisites of being human. A sequel to "Cats Have Staff." Adult for a bit of smut in passing. Chary readers ought to consider that and the pairings field carefully before reading, I'm just sayin'. 10,152 words.

When one is human, one must do as they do. )
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Title: Cats Have Staff
Characters: Yamamoto, Hibari, Tsuna, Gokudera, Chrome, Mukuro, Dino, Xanxus, and Squalo
Summary: Dogs are simple: all they want is to love and be loved. Cats are more complicated. And also crazy.
Notes: General audiences. Cracked-out cat!AU fluff. No, really. 11166 words.

Takeshi thinks of himself as a dog person, not a cat person. )
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Choice: The Betrothal Arc

In which Tsuna isn't Tsuna but Tsunako, and lived with her parents in Italy for a few years before circumstances made moving to Namimori seem advisable. And changes spiral out from there. For the [ profile] khrfest prompt Xanxus/Tsuna - genderswap; "don't look down on me because I'm a woman."

Note: This arc doesn't take canon developments from the manga after chapter 282 into consideration and uses the set of guardians for the Ninth from other versions of Choice; if OCs bother you, well... they're mostly peripheral to the action, I promise.

First Meetings: This is what happened the first time Xanxus and Tsunako met.

Matchmaker: In which the Ninth is almost out of options. But not quite.

Drive a Bargain: In which the Ninth finds his mislaid spine and drives a bargain with Squalo.

Betrothal by Fiat: Sit down, princess, Daddy has something to discuss with you.

First Impressions: It behooves home tutors to discuss pedagogical strategies with one another.

Dying Will: In which Tsunako experiences her own Dying Will for the first time.

But Not Both: You can have one of the other; you can't have both.

Got Your Back: Every mafia princess needs a bodyguard. Or two.

Shoot It Out: Sometimes it's satisfying to just put a hole, or ten, in something.

Reconsiderations: In which Bianchi and Reborn reconsider their lesson plans.

Thaw: In which the Ninth thaws Xanxus out.

A Year in the Life: In which Tsunako gathers up a Family of her own.

Delegation: It's important for a leader to know how to delegate.

Reunion: In which Squalo is reunited with his boss.
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Title: Wild Justice
Characters/Pairings: Tsuna/Kyouko; Gokudera/Haru; Chrome, Mukuro, I-Pin
Summary: Most people assume that Kyouko's really nice. They're mistaken: she's simply polite. And there's a huge difference between "nice" and "polite."
Notes: Teen and up. A hugely belated fic for round four of [ profile] khrfest, prompt III-17: Kyoko – Haru is killed by a rival family, Kyouko doesn't take it lying down; "Fly away/ Take control / Beyond the edge will make you whole." Character death, angst, Kyouko being a badass. Kind of a grim AU to "They Also Serve". 8801 words.

There was no pleasure in having been proved right after all. )
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Title: Sea Change
Characters/Pairings: Mukuro, M.M.
Summary: It's time to get a few things straight.
Notes: For round three of Prompt Battle at [community profile] anime_manga, prompt: Mukuro and MM, "We need to discuss the nature of possessiveness." 1692 words; Mukuro being Mukuro.

...a wise woman, she felt, always knew when to take a little time to reevaluate her circumstances when they changed so drastically. )
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Title: Sinners and Saints
Characters: Tsuna, Mukuro, Smecker, the McManus brothers
Summary: This time, the McManus brothers might have set their sights on the wrong mafia family.
Notes: For [ profile] cliche_bingo, prompt: "Crossover: TV shows and Movies." Full bingo card is available here. Crossing over the movie The Boondock Saints with KHR, and futzing with both their timelines kind of a lot. 4082 words.

'Fucking hell,' Connor said, when Smecker had finished talking. 'How bad can it really be?' )
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Title: Relative Values
Characters: Tsuna, Kyouko, Mukuro, Chrome
Summary: Tsuna and Kyouko have a favor to ask.
Notes: [personal profile] branchandroot and I are brain-sharing again! This time it's what we're call the Generations project--a set of three subarcs focusing on the life and times of the Ninth and Eleventh generations of the Vongola and the women of the Tenth's generation. What that means in practical terms is more fic for you, and lots of it! This fic, written for the [ profile] cliche_bingo, prompt: "Relative values: Families" follows up on my What to Expect When You're Expecting, which is followed up by [personal profile] branchandroot's The Queen and All Her Men and Exigencies of Service. The arc is ongoing and really too much fun for words. This ficlet is gen, 874 words, and fluffy.

Rokudou Mukuro came and went as freely as a Cloud--rather more freely than perhaps anyone other than Tsuna and Kyouko was really comfortable with, all things considered. )
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[personal profile] branchandroot has written a companion story, "But One Thought Between Them," to yesterday's "Firebrand." Check it out--it manages to be both hot and creepy at the same time.

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