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I've been looking at my folder for Works In Progress and have concluded that some of them are never actually going to be finished, generally because I had a neat idea, wrote a scene or two that fulfilled whatever yen I had in the first place, and then never felt particularly compelled to finish the rest. (It's all to do with how I write: I write to find out what happens next, so if I figure that out in too much detail, I no longer feel all that fussed about writing it down.)

So here are some things that I will never actually finish writing, edited up a bit, with closing notes that summarize roughly what would have happened in the rest of the fic, had I finished it. Caveat lector, dear readers: these are things that I am laying to rest because I will not be finishing them.

Competence Kink: in which Yamamoto is very confused. 671 words. )

All Cats Are Bastards: How Gokudera and Uri came to understand each other. 1396 words. )

Augmentation: Kyouko/Haru with implications of Tsuna/Gokudera and eventual Tsuna/Kyouko/Gokudera/Haru. 1326 words. )

Recruitment Opportunity: The one where the Varia recruits Bianchi. 1698 words. )

Creatures of the Night: the one where Bianchi is a vampire and Dino is a hunter. 2291 words. )

Grad School Is Hell: in which Dino is a hapless graduate student. 2034 words. )


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